360º marketplace solution

Shopery provides a SaaS solution to launch and scale multi-vendor businesses.

Simplified operations

We simplify marketplace operations with a solution 100% designed for this multi-seller businesses, integrating back-office and front-office solutions. We automate onboarding of sellers and catalog, logistics integration and payments management

Onboard: sellers and catalog

Integrated and automated seller onboarding

Simplified catalogue management synchronized with sellers’ ERP, in mass (via CSV), or manually

Full control and moderation of the owner over all listed content, sellers and catalogues

Logistics integration

Notifications to each Seller with their partial order

Marketplace Owner has global vision and control of the order

Possibility of incorporating centralized, decentralized or mixed logistics

Payment management

Compliance with PSD2 regulations

Split payments between marketplace and sellers

Automated payment settlement to Sellers according to the established periodicity

Simplified operations

Monetization first

We provide solutions to increase the sales of the marketplace…

  • Promotions (coupons, discounts, free shipping)
  • Promotional spaces: announcing bar, welcome popup
  • Features that facilitate sales: SEO-friendly, responsive
  • Marketing and sales tools, e.g. Live Chat

… and integrated channels to maximize the monetization of the project:

  • Sales commissions
  • Management of additional services to Sellers
  • Payment for internal advertising
Monetization first

Data intelligence

We provide the marketplace with valuable information for decision-making to grow conversion and sales, as well as data that enables to create effective marketing and sales campaigns

  • Data and customer information
  • Quick-view dashboard with sales data and audiences (visits, geography, devices …)
  • Integration with Google Analytics for E-commerce
  • Integration with analytics and reporting tools (e.g. A / B testing, heat maps, video recordings, surveys)
Data intelligence

Robust technology

We guarantee exceptional performance and permanent uptime supporting high growth rates.

  • Availability> 99.98% guaranteed through SLAs
  • Unlimited scalability (in traffic, Sellers and catalogue)
  • Dedicated high-performance servers (Amazon Web Services)
  • Optimized loading times: certified by Google Pagespeed (> 90/100)
  • Automatic programmable autoscaling to respond to visit peaks
  • Proprietary technology
Robust technology

Offer your sellers synchronised online stores

Add a new revenue stream to your project and increase seller engagement

  • Catalogues get synchronised with our proprietary feed management solution. All products, prices and stock are always up-to-date.
  • Simple management through a single seller back-office.
  • Add a new revenue stream to your marketplace project.
Offer your sellers synchronised online stores