Manage the marketplace and earn commissions

Marketplace buyers purchase products, vendors supply these products and the marketplace owner manages acquisition and day-to-day transactions.

Seamless vendor onboarding

Our solution offers a simple process that aims to streamline new vendor onboarding.

  • Marketplace operator sends out invitations to vendors
  • Vendors receive invitation and carry out onboarding process
  • Operator approves vendors
Seamless vendor onboarding

Product catalogue

Vendors can add new products manually, in bulk, or synchronize them with ERP systems. The marketplace owner only needs to approve or reject product uploads.

  • Vendor uploads products
  • Owner approves products
  • Products are publicly available
Product catalogue

Multivendor orders

When a buyer purchases products from different vendors, each seller receives instructions to manage its order.

The marketplace owner has complete visibility and control over the order.

  • Each vendor receives a partial notification with instructions on the order
  • Order is fulfilled according to logistics model
  • Marketplace owner supervises the order status
Multivendor orders

Commission management

Shopery offers complete visibility over all sales, facilitating the payout process to each vendor.

  • Establish general and specific commissions
  • Review sales in the commissions module
  • Manage payout
Commission management