Versatile and scalable marketplaces

Our technology helps to launch and scale successful multi-vendor businesses.

Seamlessly onboard vendors and catalogues, grow the brand and monetize the marketplace.

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Product highlights

Shopery provides a SaaS solution to launch and scale multi-vendor businesses.

Simplified operations

We simplify marketplace operations with a solution 100% conceived for the multi-seller business.

Monetization first

We provide solutions to maximize the monetization of the project and to increase the marketplace's Gross Merchandise Value.

Data intelligence

Our solution provides analytics for decision-making, as well as valuable information to put in place effective marketing & sales campaigns.

Robust technology

We guarantee exceptional performance and permanent uptime (>99.98%), supporting high-growth scalability.

Comprehensive solution: marketplace and backoffice

Our solution provides both store-front and back-office solutions

Comprehensive solution: marketplace and backoffice

Your customers already prefer to shop in marketplaces

Customers have quickly adapted to shopping in marketplaces, where they can find signifcant benefits over individual stores: more competitive prices, wider breadth of offering and more adaptable shipping.

  • 89% of customers appreciate the convenience of marketplaces, as they can research and purchase a wider variety of products
  • 90% of customers would repeat a purchase in a marketplace
  • 60% of digital sales already happen through marketplaces

A marketplace for every business

Shopery helps a variety of clients establish their digital marketplaces and scale sales.



Increase the product assortment by adding the catalogue of multiple vendors

Brands & corporations

Brands & corporations

Implement new digital business models to reach new client segments



Digitize retail communities by leveraging local and regional brands

Enhancing each marketplace model

We offer specialized solutions to a variety of projects according to their client segment, type of products sold and geographical reach.

  • B2C
  • B2B
  • Digital
  • Goods
  • Services
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