Versatile and scalable marketplaces

Our technology helps to launch and scale successful multi-vendor businesses.

Seamlessly onboard vendors and catalogues, grow the brand and monetize the marketplace.

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Product highlights

Shopery provides a SaaS solution to launch and scale multi-vendor businesses.

Simplified operations

We simplify marketplace operations with a solution 100% conceived for the multi-seller business.

Monetization first

We provide solutions to maximize the monetization of the project and to increase the marketplace's Gross Merchandise Value.

Data intelligence

Our solution provides analytics for decision-making, as well as valuable information to put in place effective marketing & sales campaigns.

Robust technology

We guarantee exceptional performance and permanent uptime (>99.98%), supporting high-growth scalability.

Comprehensive solution: marketplace and backoffice

Our solution provides both store-front and back-office solutions

Comprehensive solution: marketplace and backoffice

Marketplace solutions

B2C marketplace

B2C marketplace

Our B2C marketplace solution enables marketplace businesses to focus on the most important aspect: awing and converting clients.

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B2B marketplace

B2B marketplace

Our B2B marketplace solution simplifies multi-vendor operations: our clients focus on growing the business

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Some of our clients

Businesses in different industries use Shopery Marketplaces to launch and scale their marketplaces.

Las Dalias, Gabriela Yañes
"In Las Dalias we value greatly the quality of our products, which is why the platform used for our pioneer marketplace had to be up to the standards. Two years ago we put the project in the hands of Shopery, prioritising the experience of customers and vendors to keep abreast of new trends, in usability and appearance."
Gabriela Yañez

Las Dalias Marketplace Manager

El Paracaidista El Paracaidista, logo
Las Dalias, Las Dalias, logo

Las Dalias is the leading craft market in Spain. Located in Ibiza, it has become a synonym for quality handmade goods and a great offline experience. A few months ago, las Dalias decided to launch their marketplace venture with Shopery Marketplaces.

  • Since 1954
  • Handmade items in Ibiza
  • Up to 20.000 visitors daily in the physical market
  • +50 sellers in the marketplace
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Good Firms Top Software Product
Premium Usability 2019 Award
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